Top Ways to Distribute Flyers and Increase Customers

No matter how well-written or well-designed your flyer is, it is ineffective if you do not get it to the right people. While good design and content are important in a flyer campaign, you have to consider a good distribution strategy, too. This will ensure you reach your target audience more effectively.

Here are the best ways to distribute flyers and make the most of your die cut flyer printing investment.

1. Local Business Countertops

Local businesses are open and ready to support other small local businesses. Be bold enough to ask the owners of local businesses if they will allow you to have some of your branded flyers on the tables and countertops. However, you should remember that location is crucial. Here are a few things you should consider first-

  • Are your potential customers likely to frequent this business
  • Is the business located in the area you cater to
  • If the values of the business align with your own
  • Does the business get enough customer traffic

2. Person-to-Person

You can choose the person-to-person distribution method if you would like a proactive approach, which produces higher customer engagement. Often, people find it difficult to say ‘No’ to someone distributing custom die cut flyers. It is a personal approach that will help customers relate to your brand better.

3. Shopping Centers

Usually, shopping centers are bustling places where people come to have a good time strolling through the mall, shop, and enjoy good food. These places are visited by people of all ages and are ideal places to advertise your event or brand.

The more people coming across your flyer, the higher are the chance of someone visiting the business. You can advertise your event or business using flyers on busy streets with multiple retailers. These areas tend to have higher traffic, particularly in the summer months.

But make sure that you get permission to post the flyers in the windows of other stores so that passers-by can notice them easily.

4. Business Events and Sponsor Charity

Small business events and expos are on the rise. Charity events, such as gala dinners are also probable opportunities. As are community markets, like Halloween events or Christmas. These types of community and business events are often on the lookout for supporters and sponsors. You might be surprised to learn that a low-range sponsorship isn’t as expensive as you might have imagined, and based on how they define sponsorship tiers, many are going to add a flyer to their table tops or event bags.

5. Direct Mail Marketing

For quick delivery, mail the flyers to the address of your customers. Make the most of the customer database, particularly if it has a physical address. This is a great strategy to promote your business within and also beyond your area.

Here is how you can go about it-

  • Mail the flyers to your own address
  • Coordinate with your preferred mailing house, specializing in rectangle flyer delivery
  • Choose an exclusive delivery

6. Door-to-Door

In case you are a local business planning to send out flyers to the community, door-to-door distribution is the ideal way to go about it. You can just go around the neighborhood and leave the rectangle flyer printing at the letterbox or doorstep of the target market.

Even though it is an inexpensive method, it takes a lot of manpower and time. Also, it is best fitted for local promotion since it can be difficult to cover a larger area.